Dopefiend: the URL: The Sequel

So about a month ago I woke up in a sweat and created this blog. Because dopefiend and all its best variations were already taken, I had to park this site on this URL:

Today I thought: fuck it.

To make up for doing absolutely nothing with the site for well over a month, I decided to get the domain and map it to this blog.

But, of course, that domain was gone, too. If you want a subdomain that’s unavailable on, chances are it’s not available for the rest of the public name space either.

So what to do?

Well, I discovered that the WordPress domain mapping feature also works for subdomains that you already own. For a mere $12 USD, I mapped this blog to So now resolves to

I’m very pleased.

I also signed the contract with CRP. The book is on! I’m screwing around with themes and ideas for this site. I’m also writing a little every morning. If I can do two chapters a month until the end of the year, I will have a little time at the start of next year to revise the first draft, before I’m obligated to hand it over.

Damn, deadlines are a little scary when you write them out like that.

In the proposal I was sending around earlier this year, I wrote that “I could finish the manuscript within 6 to 8 months of deal.” Every time I read that line, I always chuckled a little to myself. Based on what?

I had to resist the urge to revise it to read, “I ought to be able to finish” or perhaps, “I feel like I should maybe be able to finish.” But I must say: having the deal locked up feels really good. I am a little anxious. The chapter-by-chapter outline I created for the proposal has been a HUGE benefit for keeping me focused.

I’m of holding my breath until I get to the finish line.

Thing? More URL


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