The Manuscript is Finished

Huston, we have a first draft.

I finished it just before Christmas. You’ll notice the title page has a subtitle different from what appears on the site and different from what you may have heard me describe before. This is a “known issue,” as we say in the software industry. I’m furiously creating and discarding subtitles.

But I’ll post more on that later.

For now, I am celebrating the creation of the longest sustained narrative of my career. I have 185 glorious pages of characters in 12 point font (standard margins, no less). Word tells me I have 46, 915 words. I still have to write the epilogue. I need a dedication page to thank Holly and the kids. But it’s done.

I’ve written a book.

Thing: Manuscripts


3 thoughts on “The Manuscript is Finished

  1. That’s actually a really good point, though, Christine. I think about all the terrible stuff that might happen: savaged by reviewers or, worse, no reviews at all. But here is something no one candeny. It feels good to have planned out, worked hard, and completed a first draft. What an accomplishment. Thanks for the reminder!

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