Q&A with Tim Elhajj

Q: How do you pronounce Elhajj?

A: Elhajj (L-Hodge) is an Arabic word that means pilgrim.

In my house there is a running joke  that my mother-in-law (who married a man named Lodge and who uses her maiden name (Lackland) as a middle initial) is trying to steal the phonetic pronunciation of our name (L. Lodge).

Actually it is just me and the kids who laugh about this joke. Mom only puts up with me because I love her daughter so much.

Q: Why are there so few questions?

A: I screwed up and hit publish too soon. I’ll add more questions and answers as I think of things that might be cool for you to know. Meanwhile, you can always pose questions in the comments. Or just comment. I love comments and typically respond right away.