A Stack of DOPEFIENDS at Barnes & Noble

Holly and I rarely go to Barnes & Noble. Usually if we want a book, we end up at one of the independent bookstores around here. But last night we did go to Barnes & Noble. Holly said, “Let’s go see if we can find your book.”

I said, “I am up for it!” or “Oh, yeah.” Or something like that.

When we got there, I couldn’t find DOPEFIEND in the memoir section. I felt bummed. I went to ask at the information desk and the lady said they did have it in stock!

She led me to the addiction and self-help section.


I was a little overjoyed. This is the first time I walked into a bookstore where I wasn’t scheduled to speak and found my book. But I also felt a little bummed to find it in the self-help section. I’m not far from “How to Quit Drinking Without AA.” I bet the guy that wrote that book would be fun to have a drink with!

But then Holly pointed out that DOPEFIEND was only two shelves down from the porn section. One reason I married Holly is because she knows how to cheer me up!


It worked! I felt much better!

Porn is edgy.


Really Barnes & Noble? Really?

You put the self-help and addiction stuff right below the porn? I guess it makes a certain sense. If you’re addicted to porn, you won’t have to go far to find a book that can help!

Anyhow – short personal update – I am pumped! My book is on Amazon and in bookstores across the country and I finished up my first book tour last month. I recently got a royalty sheet from CRP. These things come out twice a year and keep you abreast of how your book is doing. Because of when mine was published, this statement was only for the first month or so of sales. While I haven’t earned through my advance yet, I did notice we’re about halfway through the initial print run. Time will tell, but I certainly feel as if I have learned a lot. I am already starting to mull ideas for the next work. I’ve got it narrowed down to one of two projects, which I’m not going to talk about much until I commit to one or the other.

Meanwhile, I want to do a reader’s guide for DOPEFIEND and I’m finishing up a few other short projects. The reader’s guide is going to be fabulous. I want to explore the spiritual values from each of the chapter heads and offer a few questions about the action in the story. Hopefully these will start some discussions here on the blog.

I’m also taking off from promoting DOPEFIEND over the holidays, but I’m trying to get a few things lined up for the spring.


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