4 thoughts on “Box of DOPEFIENDS on the Front Porch

  1. Hi Jane, you’re so sweet! I’m so pleased you’re going to read DOPEFIEND. The release date is coming up, September 15. People who preordered from Amazon are getting notes from Amazon saying that it is being shipped, but so far I believe I am the only one who has a copy.

    I am planning to do some giveaways on Facebook with some of the ones I have. Should be fun! Aaron and Kennedy have both grabbed one and it was really strange to find them each in their room reading the book earlier this week. Kennedy finished the whole book in about two hours. I looked at her like: “Did you scan my book? For shame child!” But the next day Holly said she was asking pointed questions about some of the events in the later chapters, so she just really is a blazing fast reader, like her momma.

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